Naked Investor is the digital persona of Bryce Travis. The platform was established with a singular vision: to inspire and educate fellow real estate investors. Guided by principles of candor and transparency, Naked Investor aims to paint a more honest picture of the industry. Authentic stories, actionable guides, and expert industry insights to guide your journey.

Building Bryce's ADU

A Founder's Story

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In one of the most competitive and expensive markets in the United States, Bryce built his own small yet powerful real estate portfolio. While his story echoes many others, it highlights the journey to financial independence— a dream many aspire to but few achieve. Every article and guide on the platform is born from this experience, the insights gained, and the desire to share with others. Over the years, Naked Investor has not only provided insights into securing one's financial future but has also become a resource of invaluable experience around the broader world of investing.

Through articles, guides, and stories, Naked Investor aims to guide, mentor, and inspire others on their journey to financial independence through real estate. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, the insights and guidance on Naked Investor aim to light your path to success.

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